Blinken Says US Must Act Against Russia and China to Maintain Global Domination

Again, we have to ask who this speech is for. I don’t think it would even make sense to the average normie who believes that US power is a good thing. It is tinged with a supervillain tone.

In theory, it is for the elite – but do they need this kind of pep talk? It would be much more reasonable, if you are giving a speech to the elite, to explain how it is you hope to achieve this world domination plot, rather than simply saying “oh – we’re gonna do it alright.”


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has claimed the world is transitioning to a new diplomatic order in which Washington must lead the way in overcoming increasing threats from Russia and China.

“One era is ending, a new one is beginning, and the decisions that we make now will shape the future for decades to come,” Blinken said on Wednesday in a speech at John Hopkins University in Washington. He said the “post-Cold War order” ended as “decades of relative geopolitical stability have given way to an intensifying competition with authoritarian powers.”

Those powers are led by Russia and China, Blinken said, adding that “Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is the most immediate, the most acute threat to the international order.” China poses the biggest long-term challenge, he claimed, because it aspires to reshape the international order and is developing the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do so.

Yes. China has the ability to be free from US domination.

That’s why I’m a China shill.

“Beijing and Moscow are working together to make the world safe for autocracy through their ‘no limits’ partnership,” Blinken argued. He claimed that Russia and China have framed the existing order as a “Western imposition,” but that system is, he claimed, anchored in universal values and enshrined in international law. Ironically, he also accused the two rivals of believing that big countries can “dictate their choices to others,” a charge that is increasingly made against Washington.

Yeah, no one understands this as anything other than a ridiculous lie.

There are no “universal values.” The US claims trannies are “universal values,” even though they just started talking about this 6-7 years ago.

When the Beijings and Moscows of the world try to rewrite – or rip down – the pillars of the multilateral system, when they falsely claim that the order exists merely to advance the interests of the West at the expense of the rest, a growing global chorus of nations and people will stand up to say, ‘No, the system you are trying to change is our system. It serves our interests,’” Blinken claimed.


They already ripped down the pillars, and no one stood up and said they are represented by the US system.

Blinken suggested that the US will lead “from a position of strength” largely because of its “humility.” He added, “We know we will have to earn the trust of a number of countries and citizens for whom the old order failed to deliver on many of its promises.”

The Russia-Ukraine conflict proved that “an attack on the international order anywhere will hurt people everywhere,” Blinken said. He added that the US aims to ensure that Ukraine defeats Russia and emerges from the conflict as a “vibrant and prosperous democracy.”

Why was the Russian invasion of Chechnya, Georgia, or the Ukraine in 2014 not an attack that hurts all people, I wonder?

This is goofy nonsense for retards. This is a border dispute that would have ended in March of 2022 if the US hadn’t demanded a gigantic war.

Everyone in the world sees this, which is why no one in the world is interested in being a part of the US project anymore – other than total anal countries in Europe, that really don’t have a choice, because they are so enslaved by women and homos.

This entire concept that the US is anything other than a bully and a blood-sucking parasite is no longer viable. Anyone who was going to believe this no longer does, because of what the US has done to the world by launching this massive war over a border dispute in the former USSR, and more importantly, what they did to the Russian economy with the sanctions.

What Blinken is saying is that all of these countries that do not agree with the US – don’t agree with anal, don’t agree with endless war, don’t agree with the weaponization of the global financial system – are going to have to have the will of the US forced on them, because they are siding with China and Russia.

How is this going to happen though?

That’s the interesting question.

Everyone already knows this is the position of the Jews and the “deep state” – what we want to know is: what is the plan?

We’re all excited to hear it!

Does Blinken have a plan? Or is he just planning to make nonstop threats?