Black Student Caught on Camera Slapping Teacher Charged as Adult

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Was this teacher a tranny?

Everyone said it was a tranny, but the media isn’t saying that.

We are probably being driven insane by tranny suspicion.

New York Post:

A North Carolina high schooler was hit with felony charges for allegedly attacking two separate school teachers on school grounds — and is being charged as an adult, prosecutors said.

Aquavis Hickman, 17, a student at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, was indicted on assault and kidnapping charges last week and charged as a grownup in the two horrific attacks, including an April 15 assault where he slapped a female teacher twice, Fox affiliate WGHP-TV News reported.

The most recent incident

In the first incident, Hickman was charged with second-degree kidnapping and misdemeanor riot in a Feb. 1 attack on a male teacher at the school — although prosecutors said he did not act alone.

Larry Edwards, a retired educator who was working as a substitute teacher, told WGHP he “was appalled” after having his head pushed in the hallway, allegedly by Hickman and other students.

“I walked up to the desk to get my phone to call the office and he mockingly walked behind me, and I happened to turn around and see him and the students started laughing,” Edwards said in a report last week. “The next thing I know he had taken his hand and smushed my head and everybody started laughing and he ran out.”

My view of this event is primarily based on whether or not it was a tranny.

Charging him as an adult and making a big deal of this news story implies it was a tranny.

Aquavis Hickman