Black Homo Who Molested and Killed White 4-Year-Old had Been Repeatedly Reported to the Police

Remember when that black homosexual kidnapped and murdered a white 4-year-old boy?

Remember when that happened?

Do you remember when the media immediately stopped talking about it, and we never even heard the rest of the details of the story?

“Black Lives Matter” doesn’t actually mean “black lives matter.” Black lives clearly don’t matter, because they kill each other every day and no one cares.

What “Black Lives Matter” means is that white lives don’t matter.

Fox News:

A neighbor of the 4-year-old boy murdered in Dallas earlier this month said he reported the man suspected of kidnapping and killing the child back in April, according to a local report.

The community gathered Monday night for a meeting with city leaders and police to speak about their concerns after Cash Gernon was found dead on May 15.

The neighbor, who preferred to remain anonymous, told WFAA-TV that his home surveillance camera recorded a man who he said appeared to be 18-year-old Darriynn Brown, the suspect in the child’s alleged kidnapping, trying to open car doors in his driveway on April 19.

He and other neighbors told the station they alerted police several times about the prowler, who they believe was Brown, but officers never followed up.

“How do we make sure that this doesn’t happen again?” the neighbor asked police at the meeting. “We called a month ago, and now a child’s dead.”

A jogger found Cash dead in a street in the southwest Dallas neighborhood the morning of May 15.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner determined Cash’s death was a homicide as a result of multiple stab wounds, local news station CBS DFW reported last week.

Assistant Police Chief Albert Martinez has said it appeared the child suffered a violent death and that “an edged weapon” was used.

Surveillance footage from the home where the boy was staying shows the suspect, who the woman identified as Brown, taking Cash from his crib and carrying him away from the camera’s view, according to the detective’s arrest affidavit obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

Here’s that video, which truly qualifies as “chilling.”

This homosexual black being a known criminal who had been terrorizing the neighborhood before deciding to murder a child demonstrates yet again that the “Broken Windows Theory” is true.

More amazing however is the media’s outright refusal to investigate this child murder. Right now, the police still have not charged the black with the murder.

What’s more, they have not arrested the woman who was watching over the child, who appears to have been pimping the little boy out to the gay homo.

Her name is Monica Sherrod, and there have been a few media reports indicating that she probably planned the murder.

She was left with possession of Cash after his father fled the home.

What it appears is that she was pimping out the boy to the black Brown for drugs. It appears then that she thought they were going to get caught in their homosexual scandal, so she plotted with Brown to kill the child in a fake kidnapping.

Why else would she have had a camera on in the boy’s room?

Why else would she have lied to the cops?

This is the sort of thing where the media should be investigating, and pressing the police to bring more charges, but the media won’t do it because it doesn’t fit into the narrative.

There is a decent chance that this black homosexual child killer will simply be released without bail after people forget about this news story.

Editor’s Note: I’m going to try in the next few days to piece together all the available information about this case in a big article which hopefully can be used to press the issue in other alternative media. -AA