Bild Says Russia Might Take More Territory as Ukraine Offensive Continues to Fail

If Hitler had won the war, Germans would all be speaking German.

The general consensus of those who disagree with the media consensus was that if Russia invaded the Ukraine, the West would negotiate. Instead, the West pushed all able-bodied Ukrainian men into mass suicide.

These retards that support the war mock the fact that Russian TV commentators were saying the war would take three days. It was obviously hyperbolic when they made these statements (the clips that get shown were from infotainment nighttime shows), but the concept was clearly correct: the Ukraine would realize very quickly that they could not fight a war against a country with 5 times their population and 20 times their GDP.

In actual reality, six weeks after the invasion, Zelensky stated publicly that he was ready to agree to Russia’s stated terms. Then, Boris Johnson flew into Kiev, and, as is now admitted, told Zelensky that he was not allowed to negotiate.

The West pumped billions of dollars into the country, and sent hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men to die in a war that was obviously absurd.

After it became clear that the people around Joe Biden were completely deranged, and obsessed with attempting to trigger a global war, the consensus among those who disagree with the media consensus is that Russia will take all the territory east of the Dnieper.

The actions of the US, in ordering Zelensky to do this “spring offensive” that started in June, are confounding. The casualty numbers are never clear, but tens of thousands of Ukrainian men have died since this began, and it appears that hardly any Russians have died.

The Ukraine announced this offensive six months in advance, and the Russians fortified a defense line – in fact, multiple defensive lines – and dug in and waited, and the Ukrainians just did suicide drives into it.

I used to play competitive real-time strategy video games (in particular the old Blizzard games – “the Crafts,” as we call them, but all the games in the genre are similar). These are war games, where you command entire armies and fight each other. They are strategy games, so naturally you have a strategy, and the first part of the strategy is whether you focus initially on defense or offense. One strategy is to do no defense at all, and simply move to attack as fast as possible. Another strategy is to build up heavy defenses and wait until you are attacked. If you are successful in your defense, and the enemy loses most or all of their army in their offensive, you can then attack them immediately after – a counterattack – and destroy them outright.

The Ukraine has destroyed most of their army and completely obliterated the morale of their troops with this cartoonish and truly incomprehensible failed offensive. It’s only logical that when they are finished with these suicide runs, Russia will counter and take more territory.


Ukraine is faced with three possible scenarios amid its faltering counteroffensive, each carrying various degrees of risk, Germany’s Bild newspaper has claimed. In his analysis on Saturday, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Paul Ronzheimer warned that should Kiev’s current efforts fail, Russian forces may mount their own offensive and seize further territory.

According to the article, Ukraine can keep trying to breach Russian defenses despite achieving no major breakthroughs so far. Ronzheimer wrote that so far President Vladimir Zelensky’s government remains optimistic and is determined to continue with the campaign. However, if it fails to make any significant gains by the end of the year, Kiev is reportedly planning another counteroffensive in the spring of 2024.

Ronzheimer alleged that officials in Kiev are growing increasingly frustrated at criticism of its counteroffensive tactics coming from the West. Bild quoted one unnamed senior Ukrainian official as insisting that “everything was planned together” with Kiev’s backers.

Any new push is contingent on receiving more Western weapons and ammunition, Bild pointed out. On top of that, Russia will likely use the winter respite to beef up its defenses.

According to that fat guy who runs the Ukrainian military, he didn’t want to do it at all and was forced to by the Americans.

It’s confusing how these people could be this incompetent, but what it looks like is that they are obsessed with “capturing territory” because the media and dumb people care about that. In reality, this is an absolute war of attrition, meaning that the only goal is to kill as many soldiers as possible, and therefore territory is only relevant if it is strategic – i.e., useful for killing the enemy (or for providing supply lines or for some other logistical reason, though the geography of the Ukraine makes that a relatively minor issue).

When I was on Twitter, people would try to nag me about “when is Russia going to take more territory, hahaha, they have the same map as several months ago, hahahaha.” Stupid people are almost always very smug, and this makes them incapable of processing new information – even information that their stupidity would otherwise allow.

Obviously, just like in Starcraft, when the enemy’s army is destroyed, you can move your army on their base and they have no ability to stop you.

Another avenue open to Kiev, according to the article, is to continue the counteroffensive while simultaneously engaging in peace talks with Russia. However, such a U-turn on Zelensky’s part would be hard to sell to the population, Ronzheimer predicted.

The Bild deputy editor-in-chief emphasized that last October, the Ukrainian head of state signed a decree ruling out negotiations with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and that recent opinion polls show 72% of Ukrainians are against talks with Russia.

Honestly, I hadn’t heard that statistic. I don’t know how I hadn’t. I don’t believe that poll.

However, it should be noted that Zelensky has locked down the Ukraine media to North Korea type levels. The state media he controls is claiming that Russia is trying to kill everyone in the Ukraine. It’s also claiming that the Ukraine is winning, and was claiming a few months ago that only 12,000 Ukrainians had died (the actual number is between 20 and 30 times that many).

So it is possible that a large number of people are against talks. But I don’t think I can believe 72%, and I don’t know how you could prove a poll was honest.

Moreover, Zelensky arrests and tortures people for supporting Russia, and the above mentioned decree saying that negotiations are illegal would mean that supporting negotiations would be supporting a criminal act. So, people wouldn’t be inclined to answer the poll honestly, would they?

In a worst-case scenario for Ukraine as envisaged by Ronzheimer, the counteroffensive stalls, with Russia launching one of its own and potentially seizing parts of Kharkov Region. According to Bild’s analysis, this is, however, not likely as Moscow is supposedly struggling to replenish its own losses.

A few months ago – before the “offensive” began – the media was claiming that the Ukraine was weeks away from seizing Crimea.

Now, we’re hearing about peace talks and Russia taking more territory from the mouthpieces of the state in every Western country.

So what you’re seeing is a slow reversal in the media, as they begin to walk back these lunatic claims they made.

Moscow hasn’t had any significant losses since Bakhmut. I mean, this situation is ridiculous. The Ukraine isn’t even making any big pushes these days, they’re just randomly sending people to rush the line and get slaughtered. It’s like if Rodney Dangerfield wrote and directed a psychedelic arthouse horror film.



Anyway, with regards to the narrative shift: it doesn’t mean anything in terms of what the decision will be on US/NATO involvement. Either way, at some point they will have to admit the Ukraine is really losing the war, and that they simply do not have any men left. We know they don’t have men left, because we can see that when Russia captures a unit, there are virtually no fighting-aged men – it’s all teenagers and men in their 50s and 60s.

But it’s either:

  • “The Ukraine is losing, so they have to do talks,” or
  • “The Ukraine is losing, so we have to send in NATO troops.”

From what we can see, there is serious disagreement in Washington about which way this is going to go. I’m sure there’s a lot of disagreement in Brussels, but ultimately, Brussels has to do whatever Creepy Uncle Sam tells them to do – so unless there is some kind of revolt of the European elite against America – which is very unlikely – then Brussels will continue doing whatever Washington tells them to do while doing whatever they have to do to explain that to their populations.