Biden Defends Mitch McConnell After He Glitched Out

Previously: McConnell Glitches Out Again, Freezes Up for Over 30 Seconds

Joe Brandon has come out in defense of Mitch McConnell after the latter glitched out earlier this week, freezing up for 30 seconds, unable to talk or think.

He said again that the two are close friends, and assured America that he can do his job, and has no problems.

McConnell is 81. Biden is 80. For reference, the Bible says you should live to be 70.

If we were in a situation of arguing over tax rates, it would be fine enough to have geriatric politicians defending each other.

However, we are not arguing over taxes. We are arguing over issues that are existential in nature.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are pushing for little kids to be injected with hormones and have their genitals mutilated. It’s a serious matter. There is no room for politeness there.

In a real world situation, Biden would take any opportunity to say the opposition is unfit and should resign (in this case, it would obviously be true, but if this clown show of politics were real, he would say it even if it wasn’t true).

Of course, Mitch McConnell is not against the tranny agenda, and is effectively a Democrat. He is the Democrat leader of the Republican Party, actually.

Mitch is a huge supporter of Biden’s Ukraine war, which he has called “the most important thing in the world.” He also helped Biden steal the 2020 election by offering it legitimacy – he did this because he prefers Biden to Trump (in every way).

We do not have representation at all. Trump was the only person who has represented us in decades. Maybe Matt Gaetz and a couple of others, but they are just lone Congressmen.

Here’s the video of Mitch glitching out, if you missed it:

Not a good look.

This is actually looking very much like the end stage of the USSR.