Behold! Scholz Lashes Out at the “Anglo-Saxons”!

Scholz is a bitch and a homo, but it is actually insane for the US to be criticizing Germany’s economy, when all of Germany’s economic problems were caused by their obligation to follow US foreign policy.

They have to follow US foreign policy because, among other things, there are tens of thousands of American soldiers occupying their country.

They lost a war to the US 80 years ago, and the occupation forces never left.


The German economy is weakening, but it does not deserve the nickname “the sick man of Europe,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview released on Saturday.

Speaking to Welt am Sonntag, the German leader was asked to comment on an article in The Economist last month titled ‘Is Germany once again the sick man of Europe?’ The piece in particular slammed the country for slow economic growth, complacency, and bureaucratic conservatism while calling for urgent reforms and increased investment in business development and infrastructure.

The ‘sick man of Europe’ label originally dates back to the 19th century when it was applied to the Ottoman Empire, which was widely considered to be the continent’s economic and technological backwater. The Ottoman Empire collapsed following its defeat in the First World War.

However, Scholz pushed back against the criticism of what he called the “Anglo-Saxon newspaper.” According to the chancellor, The Economist disliked “the alleged German obsession with not taking on endless debt.”

“The text basically recommends taking on €100 to 200 billion euros of additional debt every year. But I say: No! Going into endless debt doesn’t solve our problems, but it creates new ones,” he stressed.

While rejecting the notion that Germany is in crisis, Scholz acknowledged that the country is “experiencing weak growth.” He blamed the development on the weakening of German export markets – especially China – while recalling that the country has been hit hard by high inflation and rising energy prices due to the Ukraine conflict.

Both the conflict with China and the war in the Ukraine are American objectives.

For that matter, the coronavirus was an American objective.

America literally blew up Germany’s pipes.

The German government didn’t decide these things, let alone the German people. This is all on the US.

Going and harassing them about their economic situation that you caused is sort of hilarious, in the true “Ugly American” sense. But it’s also ridiculous.

Scholz is too much of a pussy and too bought and paid for (probably also a sex pervert being blackmailed) to say “the wars with China and Russia were your idea, not ours.” He throws in “Anglo-Saxon” while listing off problems the US caused without saying the US caused them.

He is a shill, but that doesn’t mean he likes this situation, you know? I’m sure he’s legitimately pissed that the British (the article was probably written by an American Jew – the Economist still doesn’t use bylines) are harassing him, saying “take loans out from our banks to solve these problems we caused in your country!”

“Anglo-Saxon” as a euphemism for “Jew” is really funny.

Russia does this too.

If I was on Twitter, I would do a whole bit about “the perfidious Anglo-Saxon.”