Australia: Female Teacher Who had Sex with 16-Year-Old Student Walks Free

The thing about women is: the only possible method they have of relating to “public life” is through sex.

Therefore, it should simply be assumed that any co-ed situation a woman is involved in is going to turn into some sort of mega sex drama.

New York Post:

An Australian high school teacher who confessed to having sex with a 16-year-old student was allowed to avoid jail time and walk free Tuesday.

Monique Ooms, 31, was seen crying at the Court of Appeals in Melbourne after a panel upheld a ruling to only give her 300 hours of community service after she pleaded guilty to four counts of sexually penetrating a minor under her care or supervision, 9 News reports.

Monique Ooms

Victoria’s Office of Public Prosecutions had appealed the original ruling in March, claiming Ooms deserved serious jail time for abusing her position as a teacher at the Sale Secondary College.

Justices Richard Niall, Maree Kennedy and Cameron Macaulay, however, rejected the appeal and said Ooms’ mental illness “would potentially render a term of imprisonment ‘catastrophic.’”

The defense had testified in court that Ooms was depressed about her alleged infertility when she had sex with the boy, despite showing up pregnant at her sentencing in July.

She was also said to be suffering from mental health issues following alleged harassment when her relationship with the student was revealed.

Ooms, who joined the high school last year, began to message the 16-year-old boy after seeing that he was going through personal issues, prosecutors said.

The teacher then began sending pictures of herself in her underwear to the troubled boy before the two eventually had sex for the first time in July 2022.

Judge John Smallwood, who made the original ruling, said he found the teacher and student’s relationship “utterly inappropriate,” but failed to see Ooms’ actions as predatory.

The bitch isn’t even that bad, considering the current standards.

I’m sure the boy will get over the “trauma” of having sex with her.

These individual situations don’t matter, and should simply be expected. The real issue is the whole concept of having women in public, in these roles where there is inter-sex mingling.

Obviously, not every single woman in the workplace is going to be involved in a series of lurid sex affairs, in the same way that not every single black male is a violent criminal. But just as you should have police because such a high percentage of black males are criminals, you should not have women in the workplace because such a high number of them will engage in these sex dramas.

What’s more, women are worthless workers. They are not good at any job. It is a drain on society as a whole to have them in the workplace.

They can be teachers at girls’ schools, okay?