Australia: Everyone Sad After Abo Dies While Sleeping in Industrial Bin

Abos like to sleep in weird places

You know that “missing link” anthropologists keep looking for?

Well, I just found it.

Where’s my Nobel Prize?

The Guardian:

The South Australian town of Port Lincoln is reeling from the tragic death of a 13-year-old Aboriginal boy, who was sleeping in an industrial bin that was emptied into a garbage truck early Tuesday morning.

Police said the boy along with two others, aged 11 and 12, were sleeping in the industrial bin when it was emptied about 5.20am.

“One boy managed to jump out but sadly the 13-year-old sustained serious injuries and died at the scene,” a SA police statement said. “The third boy was not injured.

“It is believed the truck driver was unaware the boys were in the bin at the time and is extremely shaken by the incident.”

Yeah, I’d say it’s probably safe to say he didn’t do it on purpose.

They’ve destroyed the poor bastard’s life.

Police said the boy’s death would be referred to the coroner and was also being investigated by SafeWork SA.

Local police superintendent Paul Bahr said it was a “really terrible event”.

“By the time the truck driver was alerted that there were people in the bin, it was at that point of being too late to stop the skip tipping,” he said.

Bahr reporters at a press conference in Port Lincoln at midday that one of the boys was able to jump clear of the skip and one was lifted but managed to avoid injuries.

The third boy “suffered significant trauma” and was not able to be revived by first responders, Bahr said. He said the child’s death was a “very difficult” for first responders and “tragic for all of the Port Lincoln community”.

Bahr said police had spoken to both of the surviving boys, who were “traumatised by what’s occurred [so] it is going to take time to get a detailed story from them”.

“I think the background as to how they ended up in this industrial bin and sleeping in this bin is something that is really going to take some time to understand,” he said.

What do you think that means?

Three guesses on why it would take a long time to “understand.”

Here’s the answer: it is going to take a long time to figure out how to blame white Australians.

It’s going to end up with an explanation that there need to be more warnings on dumpsters telling people not to sleep in them, because without a big warning label, anyone could mistake a dumpster for a great sleeping place.

Of course, in reality, there is no amount of labels that could keep an Abo from doing something stupid.

These aren’t satire, but real public service announcements.

Imagine: they claim that these people are exactly the same as whites, just like they do with the blacks.

They don’t talk about it very much, because even liberals see that these people are basically some form of prehistoric ape.

It’s such a shame that race science isn’t even allowed to be discussed.

It should at least be an option.