Asian Man Gropes Asian Woman, Claims He Did It Because He Thought She was White

Michael Sangbong Rhee

Hopefully, this finally puts to rest the harmful stereotype that all Asians are smart.

CBS Los Angeles:

Michael Sangbong Rhee, 37, was arrested Thursday night at his home in Lake Forest. Irvine police say Rhee may have attacked a woman, believing she was white, in retaliation for the rise in hate crimes against Asian people.

Irvine police say an Asian woman was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car near her apartment Thursday afternoon when she looked up to see Rhee standing at the door, holding a handgun. She told police she did not recognize Rhee, who ordered her to get into the back of her car if she wanted to live.

The woman said she offered Rhee her wallet and money, and he replied they would “do that later,” before getting into her car through the passenger side door and pushed her into the backseat, according to police. She struggled with Rhee, who she told police began to grope her, then yelled to a maintenance worker nearby that he had a gun.

Police say Rhee got out of the car and ran through the apartment community, driving away in his own car.

A search of Rhee’s home turned up the vehicle linking him to the assault and a BB gun similar to the weapon described by the woman, Irvine police said.

Detectives believe Rhee — who is Korean — targeted the woman because he thought she was white, based on his own statements, and that the assault was in retaliation for hate crimes that have skyrocketed against Asian people.

Or, maybe he really is smart, and he faked like it was a reverse hate crime as a way to get away with a quick groping?

I mean, that’s a pretty good excuse.

They don’t give the ethnicity of the Asian woman, but if she was light-skinned enough to pass a white, that probably means she was Chinese. Maybe it was an anti-Chinese groping, and he played it off as an anti-white groping?

Either way, I think we can finally do away with stereotypes that Asians are “safe foreigners” and realize that they are just as dangerous to the Asian community as white supremacists.

Asian supremacy is a key cause of Asian groping, which could soon lead to outright stroking.