Argentina: Government Wants to Sue Former President for IMF Loan

They were already having problems in 2018, before the lockdowns started

Maybe they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse?

The IMF is known to do those once in a while.

Sputnik News:

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez issued a decree instructing the country’s special legal body to act as a plaintiff on behalf of the state in a case against his predecessor Mauricio Macri, stemmed from his decision to take a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the amount of $50 billion.

“Prosecutors representing the state as the claimant are ordered to pursue the case, ‘Mauricio Macri and others, fraud against state bodies’ … and to facilitate the advancement of the criminal process in order to determine those responsible for the crime,” the decree says.

Mauricio Macri

The document further states that the case is related to Marci’s decision to take a loan from the IMF in the amount of $50 billion in 2018. The current government has repeatedly spoken about the difficulties surrounding paying off the debt and began negotiations with the IMF on a new assistance program.

In addition, lawyers were instructed to initiate actions leading to compensation for possible losses incurred as a result of the actions of the previous authorities.

You know who the real financial criminals are though?

Chinese companies building skyscrapers in Sri Lanka.

That’s not a joke, or a fake clip – Mike Pompeo literally told all these countries taking China loans that China was doing “debt trap diplomacy” and compared them to the IMF.

Now, however, the Hudson Institute, which Mike Pompeo got a job at after he left Secretary of State, has said that claiming that China is “like the IMF” is not working as a strategy because all of the African and Southeast Asian countries getting Chinese loans say “but you are literally the IMF” and tell them that China is building roads and bringing jobs. They are telling the Biden Administration that there needs to be a “new strategy,” which apparently means warships in the South China Sea.

It was shocking to see the US claiming that the Chinese were like the IMF, given that the US has been the primary operator of the IMF since its advent. It was formed as part of Bretton Woods in 1945 after the defeat of bad mustache man, and just went around the world doing x-treme usury on third world countries.

The leaders of these countries were all installed by the CIA through media manipulation – and targeted assassinations and so on – and they really didn’t have any right to sign the country into slavery. What Argentina is doing is actually totally based.

They should default on the loan and take one from China. Chinese are greedy, but they’re not sneaky, and it’s not all some massive scam. You get what you pay for.

If you want to understand Chinese foreign policy, go read up on Sri Lanka.

NATO is publishing headlines like this:

That article is two years old, but has good pictures.

China is going to turn this:

Into this:

It’s all being built on reclaimed land anyway – i.e., land that was under water before the Chinese built the land.

And that will “suck the life out” of the country?

By giving them a high tech future city with hundreds of thousands of jobs?

Nigga what?

They’ve made a lot of progress. By 2019, they had already reclaimed all the land, and they’re now beginning the building projects. It’s going to look exactly like the above CGI.

Mike Pompeo was trying to interfere and stop this from being built, saying it would be bad for the country, and Western media was saying “suck the life.”

So yeah, read about the Port City in Sri Lanka.

Then, for comparison, read about the IMF operations in Sri Lanka.

Then, try to explain to me why anyone on earth should prefer the US government, NATO and their IMF, with their insane wars that make no sense, their promotion of poverty, and their systematic scam artistry, over the Chinese.

Seriously – explain that. Go read about it. Understand the details of it. Then either explain why Jews are better business partners than chinks, or stop saying the Daily Stormer is a China shill site and recognize that all we have ever done is tell the TRUTH.