Another Academic Resigns After Being Outed as Fake Injun

They told this bitch to paint with all the colors of the wind, and she froze up like Mitch McConnell.

That’s when they knew they’d nabbed her.

The Post Millennial:

A professor at the University of California, Riverside has resigned after falsely claiming to have Native American heritage.

Andrea Smith, an ethnic studies “expert,” agreed to resign after 13 colleagues ousted her for lying about her Native American roots, in which Smith claimed to be a member of the Cherokee Nation, according to The Times.

Allegations that Smith had been lying about her ancestry first surfaced in 2008, when she was denied tenure by the University of Michigan, which activists said was “discriminatory” at the time. However, an indigenous academic uncovered that Smith was not registered as a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Despite not being Native American, Smith, who has been compared to notorious heritage fraudster Rachel Dolezal, says that she is a victim of “violent identity policing” and maintains that she is Cherokee.

“I have always been, and will always be Cherokee,” Smith said, according to the outlet. “I have consistently identified myself based on what I knew to be true.”

In 1991, Smith had written an essay that accused white women of wanting to “become Indian” so they could “escape responsibility and accountability for white racism.”

Angela Davis, an Indigenous activist, once described Smith as “one of the greatest Indigenous feminist intellectuals of our time.”

Smith was hired by the University of California, Riverside in late 2008. The university announced that Smith will resign from her post next August. Smith will not be subjected to an investigation and will be able to keep retirement benefits, as well as her professor emeritus status, according to the university.

I guess we could do whichever bit here.

You want the one about how it doesn’t make sense that you can change your sex but not your race, since the difference between races is very minor when compared to the difference between sexes?

Or do you want the one about how we hear all this talk about “white privilege,” and yet people are constantly faking being other races… to gain privileges?

What about the one where Sean King is still inexplicably allowed to falsely claim to be a mulatto, even while all these fake Indian women are going down?

I’m really bored of all those bits, actually.

I do think the Sean King one is the most interesting. He claimed that his mother had sex with a random black man when she was married to his father, and the media just let it drop.

I wonder if these fake Indians have tried claiming their mother was seduced by an Apache while at a casino on the res?

“Spiritual appropriation is really part of an ideology of genocide”