Angry Colored Chap Crashes 18-Wheeler Into Texas Public Safety Office Because They Denied Him a CDL, Kills 1 and Injures 13

What is the point of having a public safety office if you also have black people on the loose?

What about all of these immigrants Greg Abbott let into Texas, which are maybe not as bad as the blacks, but are definitely a threat to public safety?

If you’re going to let these people run buckwild, you might as well just close the public safety office. Otherwise one of these people you let loose is just going to crash an 18-wheeler into it anyway.

New York Post:

One person was killed and 13 more injured Friday when a felon intentionally crashed a stolen 18-wheeler into a Texas Department of Public Safety building west of Houston.

The suspect, identified by DPS Sgt. Justin Ruiz as Clenard Parker, 42, of Chappell Hill, was removed from the 18-wheeler and taken into custody by several officers.

Clenard Parker

Ruiz said all 14 people in the building at the time were injured. Among the victims, eight were treated and released at the scene, three were transported and released from Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Brenham, and three others were flown to other nearby hospitals.

One of the victims, who Ruiz did not identify, died at the hospital of their injuries.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, Brenham Mayor Atwood Kenjura called the incident “a senseless tragedy,” and said Parker was backing up to ram the building again when quick-thinking first responders placed him under arrest.

For some reason, the mayor’s statement did not contain the word “nigger.”

Many are confused as to how that is even possible.

“The suspect was backing up with the intent of going into it again. Our fire chief mentioned that if he had veered a little bit to the left the second time, there would have been a collapse of that building that would have resulted in a lot more injuries and possible death.”

The truck slammed into the front entrance of the building in the rural town of Brenham around 10:41 a.m.

Ruiz said Parker had been denied a commercial driver’s license (CDL) application renewal at the facility the previous afternoon.

Basically, if you’re going to let blacks run buckwild like this, you just need to give them everything they ask for, or they’re going to kill you.

There is no way in hell I would deny a black his CDL. I’m not dying over that.

Frankly, anyone who would be like “oh we can’t let this black drive he’s too stupid and incompetent” in the current climate deserves to die.

Don’t put your life on the line for the system. Just give blacks whatever they want. Keep your head down and stay out of the way.

You can’t be punished for giving an incompetent retarded black his CDL. If anyone asks you about it, you can just say “yeah I gave it to him because of George Floyd.” No one can question you.

Whatever you do: don’t make the blacks angry.

It’s just not worth it.