Alabama: 17-Year-Old Black Basketballer Dies Suddenly

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The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, one of the best high school basketball players in the country, Caleb White passed away at 17 years old after collapsing during a morning workout with his team.

In a post on Facebook, his grandfather George Varnadoe Jr. wrote, “My grandson, Caleb White was working out with his team a short while ago. He collapsed on the floor, they tried resuscitating him.” He continued, “When that didn’t work, he was then transported to the hospital. The doctor’s [sic] couldn’t revive him.”

According to WVTM, White was on the third day of his senior year at Pinson Valley High School in Pinson, Alabama, when the incident occurred. Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Walter Gonsoulin said a school nurse immediately “sprang into action to try and save this young man’s life. Also providing CPR until the emergency group arrived.”

Varnadoe Jr described White as “an honor student, very respectful, high intellect, excellent role model, phenomenal basketball player ranked 25th best point guard in his class in the nation & number 2 in the state of Alabama.”

In a follow-up post, he said, “Our whole family was really looking forward to his upcoming senior season and afterward, playing for a D-1 school and then perhaps the NBA.” Varnadoe Jr. added, “But… wasn’t meant to be.”

“You see, everything that happens, happens on time, because God wouldn’t allow it to happen, if it wasn’t on time. and so it was with Caleb. we all have an appointment with God, one that you can’t reschedule. so we must stay ready, because you won’t have time to get ready. please continue to pray for my family,” He concluded.

Just for the record – no, before the vaccine, teenagers were not just collapsing and dying while playing sports.

People will try to tell you that this always happened, and it did not.

Eventually, people will tell you “well, you’re wrong because not everyone died from the vaccine.”

I don’t know who said everyone was going to die from the vaccine in the first year. I think I saw some woman on Stew Peters apologizing for having said that. That was certainly never my position.

My position was that exactly what is happening would happen – widespread heart attacks, and then rising new types of cancer. Eventually, it will just be people dying, generally, decades before the end of their natural lifespan, without any specific thing you can point to. It will be all types of health conditions.

You should all be really happy I went so hard on the vaccine, and you were convinced not to take it.

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