Afghanistan: At Least 85 Dead After Bomb Attacks on Girl School

If you listen carefully and read between the lines, you’ll find out that diversity is Afghanistan’s greatest strength

To be fair, Joe Biden refused to pull the troops.

Also to be fair: why would you have girls at a school? Girls are for making babies and sweeping up. Is this a pregnancy school? A sweeping school?

So why were they there?


The death toll in a bomb attack that targeted schoolgirls in Kabul on Saturday has risen to 85, Afghan officials told CNN on Monday.

Another 147 people were wounded in the attack in front of the Sayed Al-Shuhada school, said Danish Hedayat, head of media for the second vice president of Afghanistan.

A car bomb was detonated in the neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi, and two more bombs exploded when students rushed out in panic.

There has been no official claim of responsibility yet. The Taliban has denied being behind Saturday evening’s blasts.

Conflict is raging in Afghanistan, with security forces in daily combat with the Taliban, who have waged war to overthrow the foreign-backed government since they were ousted from power in Kabul in 2001.

Although the United States did not meet a May 1 withdrawal deadline agreed in talks with the Taliban last year, its military pullout has begun, with President Joe Biden announcing that all troops will be gone by September 11.

But the foreign troop withdrawal has led to a surge in fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents. Critics of the decision say the Islamist militants will make a grab for power and civilians live in fear of being subjected once more to brutal and oppressive Taliban rule.

Some of the girls ‘could not be found’

The area where the blasts happened is home to a large community of Shiites from the Hazara ethnic minority, which has been targeted in the past by Islamic State, a Sunni militant group.

Officials said most of those killed were schoolgirls. Some families were still searching hospitals for their children on Sunday.

Yeah, I think in terms of resource management, the Boko Haram method (repossessing wombs and redistributing them to the workers) probably makes more sense.

But hey – 85 girls dead at a school, and 85,000 girls might make the right choice at not go full school-slut.

Almost all the victims were Hazara Shiites. Being an oppressed minority in a non-white country is a little worse than in white ones.

By the way, no one can justify terrorism.

Of course, it is very rude and bad manners.

But events have context – something which the US State Department denies.

The United States condemned what it described as the “barbarous attack” at the school and called for an “immediate end to violence and the senseless targeting of innocent civilians.”

“We will continue to support and partner with the people of Afghanistan, who are determined to see to it that the gains of the past two decades aren’t erased,” the statement from the US State Department said.

On Twitter, China’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu, said the abrupt US announcement of a complete withdrawal of forces had led to a succession of attacks throughout the country.

“China calls on foreign troops in Afghanistan to take into full account the security of people in the country and the region, pull out in a responsible manner and avoid inflicting more turmoil and suffering on the Afghan people,” he said.

There comes China again with their annoying facts-based order!

Listen, you yellow red commie bastards: feelings don’t care about your facts.

Sure, the Taliban only did the attack because the Joe Biden administration canceled Donald Trump’s signed agreement to remove troops. But that doesn’t mean Joe Biden’s government is responsible. Frankly, it is anti-Semitic to expect the United States to uphold international agreements.

You know who thought people should uphold international agreements?

Adolf Hitler. 

Furthermore, all the bombing proves is that no, American troops should not leave Afghanistan.

Keeping American troops in Afghanistan is the only way to show the Taliban that the United States will not tolerate bombings in response to the US military refusing to leave Afghanistan.

It’s basic common logic.

The United States must continue the war in Afghanistan until women in Afghanistan have full and equal protections under Title IX.