6-Year-Old Kids Arriving in the ER Talking About Committing Suicide as Mental Health Crisis Worsens

I make a lot of jokes about how liberals think we’re living in a utopia, because blacks are allowed to commit crimes freely, men can be put in prison if a woman feels bad after having sex with him, tens of millions of people were bullied into taking a gene therapy injection they did not want, immigrants are pouring into white countries by the tens of millions, and the schools can secretly manipulate your elementary school children into thinking they’re trannies.

Masculinity has been completely crushed.

They believe, genuinely, that mankind is on the way to perfection.

If you ask these people what the problems in the world are, they will list off:

  • The Holocaust
  • Slavery
  • Donald Trump
  • Russian people
  • White people in general (but specifically white heterosexual males)
  • Men in general
  • Coronavirus
  • Chinese people
  • “Global warming”
  • Christianity
  • Niger people

And yet, not one of those things caused an actual problem for the lives of anyone complaining about it. Donald Trump didn’t commit a genocide while president, Russians have only caused a problem for Ukrainians, and global warming is just a bizarre spook, a kind of witchcraft.

Everyone’s personal lives are falling apart. I don’t know liberals, but I was on Twitter for a couple of months, and I looked at what these people were saying. They are just as miserable as everyone in my personal life, everyone I talk to.

People were not miserable like they are now before this revolutionary movement that began in the Obama Years really got rolling. Everyone’s lives are just getting worse and worse, even as we push further and further into this utopian order that the Jews are creating in the Western world. Everyone is totally alienated, everyone is on drugs, people live in a constant state of fear of violent crime, there are homeless camps in the centers of virtually every metro area, everyone is fat, everyone is angry all the time, people are divorcing or not getting married at all (a lot of people are not even having sex).

And the suicide rate is skyrocketing, including among children.

I know people are sheep. I know how the media and the university system affects people’s brains. But it remains incredible that anyone can look at what is happening and say “we need to keep doing more of the same – and way harder.”

New York Post:

The mental health crisis affecting America’s children and teenagers is overwhelming hospital emergency rooms, say doctors.

Parents are bringing in children as young as 5 or 6 years old with psychiatric emergencies like anxiety, depression and suicide attempts — but they’re finding ERs are often unable to help.

This crisis is only getting worse,” Dr. Willough Jenkins, psychiatrist and medical director at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California, told NBC News. “It’s not getting better.”

Jenkins noted that the number of kids seeking psychiatric emergency care at her hospital has spiked from about 30 a month in the past to 30 per day in recent months.

Children as young as six years old arrive in the ER talking about committing suicide.

In response, three of the nation’s biggest medical care organizations — American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) — are now pleading for government officials to increase mental health services access.

ER visits at children’s hospitals caused by mental health problems jumped 120% between 2007 and 2016, the AAP/ACEP/ENA report said. Meanwhile, the rate among general hospitals rose by 55% during the same period.

And these data don’t include the mental-health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kids that are six now were toddlers during the coronavirus mania, where they were treated like prisoners and constantly told they were going to die from an invisible evil force that was everywhere.

It’s not surprising.

And I guess it’s not surprising that these people pushing this stuff keep doubling down.

But it is amazing.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.